West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd. was instrumental in developing the first commercial recirculation hatchery in B.C during the mid-1990's. The advantage of recirculation is that it limits the amount of water needed to grow our fish. A small hose of water is sufficient to rear many thousands of fish.


This efficient conservation allows the water quality to be set to optimum conditions for fish growth and well-being. The hatchery applies recirculation technology in both incubation and fry rearing systems. Even the heating of the hatchery water is accomplished efficiently by using naturally produced oil derived from processed fish, further reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. The high water quality is achieved by using drum filters, bio filters, ultraviolet sterilization for pathogen control, ozone filtration and plenty of hard work.


Operating the hatchery takes a team with insight, knowledge and great attention to detail. The West Coast team consists of a highly trained and experienced workforce of farmers who are committed to the success of our operation. We have a dedicated hatchery team under the direction of Ryk Mooring.



- Bill Vandevert, West Coast Farm Manager


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