Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q Is Lois Lake Steelhead salmon dyed, or does it contain artificial colours?
A No. The vital nutrients that give salmon a pink colour are included in the feed of our Steelhead salmon and are called carotenoids. No artificial dyes are used.

Q Does Lois Lake Steelhead salmon contain antibiotics?
A No, our Steelhead salmon is not given antibiotics in the feed, so the fish do not contain antibiotics. our fish are only fed with high-grade sustainable feeds.


Q Are Lois Lake Steelhead salmon given hormones?
A Unlike most farmed animals, there are absolutely no growth hormones used in the production of our Lois Lake Steelhead salmon.

Q Where are your fish farmed?
A All the salmon we serve are from Lois Lake, a land-locked freshwater reservoir located near Powell River in BC. By raising our fish in a lake, we are able to avoid many of the internal and external hazards common to farming salmon.









Q Is your fish a trout or salmon?

A Lois Lake Steelhead belong in the genius salmonide. So they are part of the salmon family.


Q What size are your fish harvested at?

A Approximately 5lbs.