About us

West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AgriMarine Industries Inc. Formerly family-owned and operated, West Coast’s legacy of quality and craftsmanship will continue to be a key component in the way we raise our high quality Steelhead. Since 1973, West Coast has been a leader in developing high quality standards and responsible environmental rearing practices. A longtime proponent of improving fish farming techniques, West Coast developed one of the first commercial recirculation hatcheries in B.C and was an early adaptor of emerging closed containment technology. 


AgriMarine is introducing floating, semi-closed containment systems to the operation to optimize the rearing environment. Designed and built by AgriMarine, the systems bring added husbandry and sustainability benefits.


Committed to the Environment

AgriMarine’s semi-closed containment technology is designed as a flow-through, floating, solid-walled tank that creates a more secure, reliable and efficient fish rearing environment. The solid wall separates the farmed fish from the external environment and mitigates disease transfer. Life support systems are built-in to regulate in-tank temperatures and supplement oxygen. In-tank cameras and our proprietary nutrient recovery system enable our farmers to ensure efficient feeding practices and help minimize any effect that the farm may have on the surrounding environment. AgriMarine is leading the industry in sustainability and innovation. 




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